This is why you should become a member of the PV-klubb

Why become a member of the largest brand-orientated club in Sweden for collector cars?  

Become a member because:

For the annual due of 350 skr you get the eminent club magazine PV-Entusiasten four times per year and PV-Notiser (short news) six times per year.

In PV-Notiser there’s information about meetings, lists of parts for sale by the club and ads where members car buy cars, parts and accessories.

The club offers that the whole family can become members by getting a family-membership. The fee for family membership is 50% higher than the regular full-paying member.  That way everybody living on the same address can become members and they can share the club magazines.

You can even be a youth-member until you are 25 years old. It cost only 150 skr per year.

As a club member you will also get the roster (matrikel) where all members and cars are listed. In the roster there’s a lot of detailed information about changes during the model years, paint codes, production numbers, interiors and much more.

The club arranges many meetings and there’s a club house in Sollentuna (a suburb of Stockholm) where you can come and study literature and talk PV. You can also shop for parts from the club inventory and miscellaneous PV club related things.

You will have access to the club advertising forum that is on the club website. There you can advertise parts, accessories, literature, complete cars and other things related to PV, Duett and P1900.

When you have been a member for one year and if you have a Volvo car you can get MHRF collectable car insurance through the club. It is for cars used only as collectable cars, that are driven to shows, meetings and are very well taken care of by careful owners. Because of the requirements the premium can be held very low. The car has to fill certain requirements and it has to be inspected by an inspector certified by the club.

If you want to become a member you can apply through our website. Click on the link.

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